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Slot art festival

slot art festival

Slot Art Festival, Lubiąż. Gefällt Mal · Personen sprechen darüber · waren hier. Slot Art Festival: , Lubiaz, Poland. Auf dieser Website suchen oder verkaufen Nutzer Tickets für Slot Art Festival am Von Dienstag, Juli bis Samstag, Juli Slot Art Festival, Lubiąż. Gefällt Mal · 27 Personen sprechen darüber · waren hier. Slot Art Festival: , Lubiaz, Poland.

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Polens beste Kaffeebar - Hier mobil: Morgendursche - das ist halt Festival-Flair Ernst bearbeiten die Jugendlichen die vorgegebenen Aufgaben. Blick in einen Kreativworkshop keine Ahnung, was genau passiert ist. Immer mit dabei, so ein schickes Teil, wir lieben ihn! Besichtigung in der prallen Sonne. Dave und Alysha freuen sich auf eine spannende Zeit mit der gesamten Crew.

Slot art festival -

Also traut euch - liebe Blogleser und facebook-Freunde - in die Begegnung mit uns, dann kann daraus vielleicht ein SLOT-Moment entstehen und wir grooven dich dann auch ein, dass du mit uns: Als Dankeschön gab es eine Runde Eis für alle 2 Bällchen, yeah! Allerdings gibt es einige andere Events, die dich vielleicht interessieren könnten:. Diskussionen über das bedenkliche Thema bleiben nicht aus. Tim September 5,

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Slot Art Festival 2015 Wachturm, von dem aus gut und gerne scharf geschossen wurde. Versuche immer noch einzuloggen Ansonsten hatten wir eine richtig gute Zeit auf dem Festival. Wer jetzt angezündet ist, sei herzlich eingeladen im nächsten Jahr mal mitzufahren. Die besondere, offene, harmonische Atmosphäre des Festivals wird der Gruppe fehlen, demgegenüber wird sich auf ein weiches Bett und eine mit warmem Wasser gefüllte Badewanne gefreut. Wären da nur nicht diese riesigen Käfer, die laut summend um die Ohren kreisen. Neuerer Post Älterer Post Startseite. Singend, tanzend und lachend säubern wir aus eigenem Antrieb das Gelände. Direkt am Zeltplatz startet die Fressmeile mit vielen Foodtrucks. Wir zeigen den Leuten, dass Müll aufsammeln nichts beschwerliches sein muss. Niklas August 13, SLOT lässt sich nur schwer beschreiben, man spürt und versteht es lediglich, wenn man selbst dort gewesen ist. Sie sammeln in den ihnen zugeteilten Bereichen effektiv und konzentriert den Müll auf. Unterschiedliche Persönlichkeiten begegnen sich und eine Gemeinschaft wächst zusammen. Mal was Neues erleben. Created instruments can then be decorated as you wish them to be. Winner of the Vj-battle in the international VJ Torna contest — taking place every year in Rome during the Live Performance Meeting festival — in Stephen Williams 11 and She took part in many music projects. Bu outfit fürs casino is what allows us to ask them. The band has performed at international festivals and concert-rooms in kostenlos roulette spielen ohne anmeldung deutsch country and abroad. You nektan casino looking for good fun, do not feel like serious meditation, enjoy, YOLO. Your heart is free, handball em quali 2019 the courage to follow it. Dj and producer, enthusiast of electrosoul, nufunk, ghettofunk, glitch-hop. I knew what stood behind it, what is not freedom. Present to your audience. Allen - a rapper from Cieszyn, who has performed in Poland and abroad, recorded a few albums, among which there was a solo one called Quo Vadis? Bundeskanzlerwahl deutschland 2019 Williams has an unique ability of explaining complex philosophical and ethical problems in a simple way. Together with Huk they give all their energy during the concert live sport ergebnisse infect the audience with positive attitude. What value does it have for us, immersed in consumptivecorporative world? Between the Book and reality - prof. You have to experience this at least once in your life! Beste Spielothek in Geilsdorf finden more popular Beste Spielothek in Blanken finden the latest prezis. More presentations by Sara Kominek Discrimination of women. SloTv is a meta-conscioussness of the Pokerodds participants. I however think, she is an enchantress. Lately the group focuses on acoustic sounds, which shows completely new capabilities of the T-BOX formation. Apart from stage shows, during which theatre and high-energy music become a medium for radical message — David is also a renowned speaker and author including: Oxforditalien belgien aufstellung is a theology professor in Belfast Union Theological College. During the day it is a peaceful oasis of inspiration, while the nights sound like the warm rhythms of Jamaica.

Bring comfortable unconstricting clothing, light-sole shoes and water to drink. Israeli and Jewish dance is not only learning technical steps, but also a prayer, expression of happiness.

There is something about it: All who want to experience joy in dance are welcome! Led by Dorota Herok. The goal of the workshop is to present the participant, what kendama is, learning the basic tricks and showing that kendama is great fun for everyone.

Led by Karol Tutkaj. Its direct origin is the battle samurai fencing. Workshops will take the form of a training for beginners.

Led by Krzysiek Kaczorowski. We will learn and practice basic elements of Le Parkour, and later some more complicated elements connected with Freerun.

Two teams fight on a field marked on grass. The rules are not complicated and the fun is just splendid. The game teaches to work as a team especially when people smaller or weaker participate.

Often demands sacrificing for the team. The only thing required is sports clothing and good will for fun. Led by Agata Filar. The technique involves connecting paper perforation according to the pattern, own imagination.

Everyone, who is not afraid of grabbing a needle and a piece of paper is welcome: Led by Alicja Pelc. Workshop is dedicated to those, with their own instrument, can play it it can even be a primitive instrument, made by yourself.

We will work individually, in small groups and together. We will compose a song based on our improvisations. Led by Anna Stankiewicz.

Chosen participants of the workshops will be invited to perform together at the Experimental Stage in ArtCathedral on 9 July. We put stress on rhythmicity and awareness of every movement during fire-swirling.

The goal of the workshop is to acquaint participants with partner poi, show them the alternative way of dancing with poi. Led by Natalia Zacharek.

Almost everyone can play. At the workshop participants will learn the rules and basic techniques. They will also play, play and play some more.

Also, traditionally Boule Noir or night bowling. During the workshop we will smear our mouths, ears, hand, foot with a greasy cream and press them against photosensitive material.

Very interesting commemorative work will be created. Find photographs in motion. Fill the movement with images. We will reach for every artistic way of searching in within the techniques of dance, theatre and art.

Every level is warmly welcome. Bring your sports clothing — we will move! English with Polish translation. Led by Anna Zimmermann. Every participant creates such musk on the other person and someone creates one on us.

Masks are very simply done. Come and see for yourself! Led by Renata Swatko. I will try to show the ways of development and profits gained from active time spending.

Starting with technique, through dance to organizind a spectacular show. Led by Miguel Angel Romero Iborra. Bow we will create out of PVC are in no aspect inferior to the wooden bows and are most importantly not expensive.

We will also create arrows with quills and aluminium arrowheads and cardboard shooting targets. After everyone has created their equipment we will learn the basics of archery and the most pleasant thing: We will re-use them and give them new meaning.

Created instruments can then be decorated as you wish them to be. Led by Mateusz Magnowski. The classes will be teaching from the basics.

Every day we will learn next forms solo and in couples , so after the festival you could boldly go to a salsa party in your town.

Every workshop will be divided into three parts: Difficulty level will be adjusted to the physical capabilities of people training, so nobody will get hurt.

At the classes we will try to pass on the practical knowledge that can come in handy in the dangerous situations, but I will also try to prove, that martial arts can be fun and a great way to spend your free time.

Workshops will allow the participants to try their skills in it. As always the helping hand and an advice from the instructor will be available: The goal is to spread this unique hobby and great fun during training.

Led by Adam Gawron. Led by Henryk Tereszczak. Both initiates and amateurs are welcome! We will show that the stage is not so scary, if you have ways of dealing with the audience: Led by Kornel Matusiak.

The topic of the workshops will be little forms and glass jewellery. Glass is fascinating, it usually is a star — a light reflection is all it needs.

Led by Maciejka Bokrzycka. Those who will like it can train during the day. During the workshop a way to prepare the dye will be presented as well as a way of folding which will let you later enjoy a t-shirt with various patterns.

Tie Dye is an easy way to give your clothing some more colour and style for a little price and the process itself gives lots of fun and entertainment.

Bring a white t-shirt, so you can take it back home… coloured: Led by Wiktoria Rajca. Such flowers can be a beautiful decoration of a home and can be a hand-made, beautiful gift.

Of course the required condition is to not be turned off by the first failed attempts. Despite how it looks, it is easy to master the one wheel and after hours of training, everyone will get the basics.

Participants are divided into two fractions both having its leader, song, banner. After learning the safe fun code written earlier w set about to fighting little battles in various forms: Good fun is the most important of our goals and also experiencing of the brotherhood of people fighting sideby-side in an efficiently working team.

For many people it is just an old toy but today it has turned into something more. The participants will receive equipment to use.

I want to show to more people how. Through great fun it shapes our silhouette, it takes care of our physical condition and most importantly it fills us with optimism and makes us feel good, for a long long time after the classes.

Led by Katarzyna Krywult. Friday 11 July, At the workshops participants will be introduced to geocaching, and obtain basic knowledge about looking for caches.

Saturday 12 July, At the workshop every participant will learn how to create weaves using newspapers and glue. We will start by learning how to roll tubes and then everyone will create his weave, which he can then take home.

SLOTV screening will conclude the concerts. Krzikopa bases on traditional sound of Upper Silesia and mixes them with such contemporary genres as: Musicians themselves say about their compositions: Formerly in Silesia when people felt like dancing a bit, they gathered in one hut and bandsmen would play Silesian songs for them, in which there were all of the elements of the culture of Upper Silesia.

There is nothing like that today. Polish artist, producer, singer and songwriter, by journalists considered a hope of polish alternative scene.

Two years after success of her debut album Wounds And Bruises both real. It somehow almost always happened in the last years, that when Luxtorpeda released an album — it appeared at Slot Art Festival.

Their thrilling concerts in and will be continued in ! This time with the new material from last. As usual during Luxtorpeda concert you can expect a powerful dose of energy!

They draw inspiration from everyday life — from real feelings, challenges, problems and dreams. Faith and hope, that their dream about world-wide career will come true fuel them, despite harsh reality they have to live in.

In September a debut album of the band will be released, which will. No one has to be reminded who Gooral is, who performed at two years ago. Pieces from his debut solo album Ethno Elektro had mightily swayed the festival audience, and in the corridors for a long time after one could hear talks of one of the best concerts in the history of the festival.

At the beginning of Gooral came back with a new album: He performed including others at the festivals: The band was formed in in Croatian town Koprivnica.

The break-through happened in autumn , when the world met their first long play album Beee released by polish label Dobry Towar Records from Warsaw.

The band performed many times in Poland, incl. Luxtorpeda, Armia or Maleo Reggae Rockers, giving in total about 65 concerts.

Perfectly known to fans of reggae music band Habakuk will perform this year at SAF with a concert dedicated to Jacek Kaczmarski, the greatest polish bard, deceased for 10 years.

Released in A ty siej… And you shall sow… album with songs of Kaczmarski in reggae versions echoed strongly in whole Poland. For the band most important was always concerting, in total for all years the band has given almost concerts.

The band played at the biggest festival in the world, as a first band from Eastern Europe — in they performed at the British Glastonbury.

Musician, rapper, composer, producer, violinist. His legend was formed mainly thanks to concerts, during which he improvises, free-styles the best in Poland and has an lively dialogue with the audience.

In his solo album Masz to jak w banku came out. In 13 years O. This is the first case in which hip-hop musician of this calibre records with Polish artist.

White Collar Sideshow sweeps audience all over the world with dark, original atmosphere with elements of horror. The band has released an album called WitcHunt.

It is described as extreme, haunted, awesome and spectacular. Their music distinguishes itself with nujazz stylistic, reaching for such styles as jazz, trip hop, pop.

From the beginning the band was rooted for by leading Polish musicians, not rarely supporting their work on albums. In my opinion that is exactly what Micromusic does.

The power of their talent and original arrangements they create an unique microclimate, constructing a particular bond with the audience. Unique message, unusual show, fantastic contact with the audience — those are the trademarks of NLM.

Recognized on 5 continents, gathering fans in dozens of countries, shocking in their works, living legend — No Longer Music! The band has performed for the first time in With the rise of popularity of NLM in Poland, their music has been changing, becoming more and more mature.

Artists by creating music at the same time undertake paratheatrical actions on stage. Crossing all boundaries to carry their message. Since then it has given many concerts and performed at festivals: Cornerstone, Sonshine and Lifelight.

This album is not only an expression of rebellious attitude towards society of modern days, but also of hope to solve the problems of everyday life, that the society is struggling with.

On 27 April the premier of the newest Frühstücka album — Story — took place. The bank comes back to the main stage of Slot Art Festival with new songs and at the same time — with the same guitar energy, characteristic vocals and strong message.

Debut album Mine was released in , after that Muza in — promoted also at the Cornerstone festival.

In the last years the band has released two albums: Quiet in and Story in It will find you no matter if you hide in your tent, in a Cathedral corner or an the top of the Plane Tree.

SloTv is a meta-conscioussness of the Festival participants. Come to find out something about yourself. Every day at midnight on the Main Stage. Ras Luta is probably the most recognizable vocalist of the reggae scene in Poland.

For 8 years now associated with Eastwest Rockers, at the same time developing his solo career. At the beginning of March his second solo album Uratuj siebie Save yourself came out.

While resting from musical experiments, that the Eastwest Rockers are known for, Luta created a very coherent and noble sounding album, strongly accenting the sounds of live instruments with vocals excellently produced.

Experimental Stage is something, which may occur only late at night in ArtCathedral. It is here that every night musicians transfer us into an unrepeatable world of sounds, in which we will experience extraordinary sensations and good chemistry.

Between experiment, jazz, classical and improvisation. Unique music in an unique place. Cathedral — Midnight — Experience. This great and sought-after accordionist, sometimes visiting Poland, will open with his concert the Experimental Stage of SAF!

He is not only an exceptional instrumentalist, specializing in Argentinian tango and contemporary music, but also a composer and musician, who eagerly improvises and feels great in the whole musical spectrum.

He is a musical director of Oslo theatre, gives concerts and record all over the world. In Poland he is known for taking part in such projects as Solidarity of Arts or Karuzela carousel , collaborates with the World Orchestra.

Grzech Piotrowski - saxophonist , producer , publisher, composer, laureate of many prestigious prizes. He balances on the edge of jazz, folk, nu impressionism and film music, he draws from Polish tradition, eastern and Balkan folklore and classics.

He initiated creation of such bands as among others: Oxen, Freedom Nation, Alchemik alchemist and currently the most important, international project: World Orchestra — musical travel full of space, subtle emotions and magic.

Sebastian Wypych is a double bass player, performing all over the world as a soloist, chamber and orchestra musician. He also takes part in the World Orchestra project.

During the concert night in ArtCathedral on the Experimental Stage both musicians will take us into the magical world of space and sounds. Chosen participants of the workshops lead by the musicians as a part of SAF on 9 July will be invited to take part in the concert.

All willing are welcome! Blackberry Hill presents music from the borders of Indie and Folk. They create in solitude, confronting ideas.

They combine elements fitting together, lyrics with melody, music with image. They value authenticity and simplicity of melodies. Exquisite characteristics of the project are the images, closely connected with lyrics and atmosphere of the piece, constituting a bridge between the world of sound and the world of image.

Their debut EP Silence Speaks For me recorded in proposes simple arrangements, coloured here and there with electronic sounds. At night at Experimental Stage that music will sound outstandingly!

From his search for his own unique means of expression a new, original project was born, which is a fusion of everything, he has fed on for years.

Excellent, heart and imagination moving vocal-instrumental project, revealing everything which music should be: Soon the world will see the first album and meanwhile on Experimental Stage he will be accompanied by equally great instrumentalists: Delicate, cute, lyrical, phenomenal, acoustic, ephemeral, feminine.

Sings about herself being a witch. I however think, she is an enchantress. She has a beautiful and real sadness in her voice, but also the joy of youth… An exceptional artist is being born on our music market.

Klara is a young and talented composer, instrumentalist and songwriter. She debuted with an original album Away released by Polish Radio.

The artist chooses minimalism and delicate melodic lines, at the same time not trying. A place, where young, ambitious bands have the opportunity of confronting their music with broader audience.

It is the Carriage house, where you will hear the bands, that probably will be talked about soon, of what an example can be Kamil Bednarek from Star Guard Muffin or Damian Ukeje from Fat Belly Family and others.

As the name itself suggests, the stage is organized as a contest — from three bands presenting themselves on the given day, the jury will choose one, that will open the Main Stage with its concert on the next day.

The additional prize for the best band will be recording of two songs including mix and mastering at the Magazine Studio and recording of the music video funded by Pstro Studio.

Emotional, sincere, insolent rap, modern sound of drums, rock passion on guitars, catchy tunes and scenic charisma on the highest level — this is the music in King Size.

Serious band playing unserious music… or the other way round. Musicians in the band try not to limit themselves to style labels, rather worrying about how to make this musical segment rock.

Big dose of energy, which you will surely feel at the concert. They come from Manie — little place in Podhale, that say nothing to no one, but about the Outlander band people already say more and more.

Since it plays as a quintet and with this line-up it recorded its EP Light Revoked. The goal of Enough is to compose untrite pieces, reflecting the image of spirit and inspirations of all of the members of the group.

Culinary speaking it is a fresh, healthy and heavily spiced meal: Not without epic moments, soaked with heaviness and aggression and delicate, even lyrical guitar and piano parts as well as vocals full of fervour.

Fresh duet on Polish music stage. In the process of creation they use unique solutions by using loopers an multi-effects.

Everything happening while performing music live. The band formed in February They play completely original music, from the heart.

It is a mixture of resolved electric sound with characteristic, energizing vocals surrounded by pulsating drums and bass guitar.

The band was created in and since then released an EP we just want to be heard and two singles four a. Young musicians concentrate on creating their own, unparalleled sound based on pulsating rhythm.

Huge dose of energetic riffs, catchy tunes and experiments with guitar and drum sounds. Shadok music oscillates somewhere between noisy rockandroll and trans-y calming harmonics.

We hit the drums, scream and but-. Creation Zone — wokrshop locations. To shake your body and give you energy. Songs for sensitive boys and sensitive girls.

Emo lyrical lyrics and melodies with hardcore-punk twist. In their music they combine energy and melody with reality of God in their hearts. Concrete music with concrete message.

And they are not some old hands, but quite a young crew. Without needless musical acrobatics. Psychedelic, compositions dragging in like quick-sand.

Penetrating virtually epic atmosphere, comfot.: Then they rocked exceptionally and now — after a long break — they come back to performing.

In their music they mix melodic punk rock with elements of reggae. Very mature music, perfected sound and the poetics of lyrics hit like a hundred-pound hammer.

This music machine rolls slowly, crushing everything in its way. For many years on stage, but still with the same passion and consequence in creating sound, that move and inspire.

Their trademark are very spontaneous and energetic concerts, during which there is no place for divisions, exclusion, exclusivity.

Armed with an instrumentarium of a street band they play energetic, simple punk inspifot.: Energetic, young and ambitious artists will present their compositions in a little calmer convention.

But still with power, passion and brisk. Concerts after midnight is a good time for meditation, observation and absorbing with your whole self everything that the artists on Unplugged want to hand to you.

For eight years he writes, composes and records his own compositions. Plays songs stylistically very different from bard songs, through acoustic pop to rock-pieces.

Line-up formed in as a fruit of improvised music fascination. Debut material of the group, entitled KOSMODROM space station , is nine original compositions, in which fascination with classic of Polish film music are combined with radical textures of modern improvised music.

Good reviews after every concert are a guarantee of an unforgettable experience at SAF as well. The band consist of: Soaked with atmosphere of growing up in a missionaries family Singer and composer, who happened to live in various parts of the world today calls New Zealand his home.

Strong element of Hans music are his life experiences and his desire to get to know God. One day two guys from Belarus decided to form a rock band.

This Belarussian-Russian line-up, as the musicians say themselves, wants to achieve the global level and win the conquer the first places of the charts.

It is very possible they will succeed, for enthusiasm and their engagement in music they create is unparalleled. Frist correct association is with a box of well brewed tea.

Lately the group focuses on acoustic sounds, which shows completely new capabilities of the T-BOX formation.

Of course we can! This passion and joy has borne fruit! The band has performed at international festivals and concert-rooms in the country and abroad.

The spontaneous Stage in Gafa Cafe invites everyone who feels like performing there. It unites musicians and vocalists delighted in various genres and styles, creating an unique atmosphere.

Thanks to openness of the participants this stage is unpredictable and brings more and more new impressions.

Here is where the beginners can meet the artists that know the stage for years and together create something cool. Therefore we invite everyone who feels connected to music to join them and help us create our spontaneous gafa-stage.

Voice is movement, electronics is space, the background of the whole artwork. Sounds of the future for the present time. Inspired by minimalism and scandinavian music.

Last year she debuted in Gafa Cafe with Holidave music group. This year she invites everyone to join the journey further than far.

She took part in many music projects. These musicians collaborate together in the wratislavian music group - Lime. During the concert on the. The group creates music from the borderland of rock and pop.

In the Headboat! And this passion is… music. Is it only music? During few years they managed to build it from nothing and inspire other activists so the brigade grows stronger and stronger.

We want to promote talented youth that deserves support and publicity. This way we want to bring people closer to broadly defined art and show that the young generation knows what a creative thought really is.

Music, street art, photography and lifestyle. Does anyone here forces anything? Here the concert is given, with support from the musicians, by the Audience.

Together with others say your own prayer. Concerts will be led by:. Formerly the bass guitarist among others of Budka Suflera and New Life.

He is a bass guitarist and one of the soloists of the TGD band. His passion is helping others express themselves in prayer. The band is together for several years, constantly performing in the country and abroad.

In it released its first live album Koncert Nadziei The concert of hope , since then it systematically records new ones. Presently it has 5 albums released.

The band is a musical platform of collective meeting with God. In it released the album Praisebox, which was met with very good reception.

Royal Rap is something more than music. Until now, Shot cooperated with, among others: What marks him behind the mic is keen flow, a distinctive, high-pitched voice and a tendency for personal and reflective pieces.

He has a few albums, solo and in collaboration with Pepe, under his belt. He cooperated with such artists as: In his songs, he brings up issues such as faith and values.

He has stood on a podium at battles in whole Poland. Together with Huk they give all their energy during the concert and infect the audience with positive attitude.

Allen - a rapper from Cieszyn, who has performed in Poland and abroad, recorded a few albums, among which there was a solo one called Quo Vadis?

We are waiting for you! Transmitting as much emotions as possible, playing fast mixes on 3 CDJ, combined with Beatbox, which is an inseparable element of his every performance.

He played during such festivals as: Producer and DJ focused mainly on more underground kinds of electronic music.

Artist associated with well-known glitch-hop label Adapted Records. He supported famous stars like: Behind decks since , co-creator of the Podaj Kabel Pass the Cable audio-visual collective.

He loves pancakes vinyls , although, lately you can see him with a tractor ;- The music he plays is mainly house, from funky to deep-tech.

Silesian promoter, DJ, cultural activist, enthusiast of street fashion. His sets are a harsh mixture of carefully selected sounds from the edges of techno, minimal and house.

Music is her greatest inspiration and motivator. Creating video material is her way of expressing her love for music. She is a part of the audiovisual collective Podaj Kabel.

In his sets and productions Milczanowsky operates in techno and tech house atmosphere, often moving in more delicate, deep house direction.

Presently he is preparing his debut EP, which will feature among many others also Katarzyna Malenda. His remixes were released among others on. Connected with music since always, crazy about reel, tape and vinyl although in the day of modern technology using many inventions.

Collaborates with many musicians and artists from all over the country. Performed among others with m. Deezk-jokay, snowboardophile, philosophy magister, Yogi with discs disorder, visionary with aztecmatism, drumliking bassenthusiast, kebabfanatical sushieater with underweight, initiator of the Bejsbook event series.

Dj and producer, enthusiast of electrosoul, nufunk, ghettofunk, glitch-hop. Thanks to openness to different music genres his sets are soaked with great energy.

Thanks to that he can pull even the pickiest connoisseurs of music. Polyvinyl chloride flows in his veins and the engine powering the heart pump works at 33 or 45 RPM.

For more than ten years he bears the chest, filled with various plastic discs. He inhales the dancefloor enthusiasm and exhales techno and house, with rare hiccups of IDM.

Traversing polish and European clubs and festivals far and wide he combines microgroove records and passes them.

Behind steering wheel for more than 10 years. Known for his 14hour cruises, and also for inclinations to board the clubs. In the chest he carries black gold, and his shanties cause a storm on the dancefloor.

When he was a baby, he fell into a cauldron of magic potion. His adventure with music began not in Hogwarts nor in prof.

In his sets he mixes rave sugar with crossbreed sweets and core funsies. She communicates with everything around by setting the receivers to maximum frequency.

She often thinks about space — both outer and the inner one. She likes trees and clouds. After years of picking and choosing between musical genres, he found his peace of mind in rhythmical sounds of techstep and neurofunk.

Dancefloor characteristics of his productions obliged him to try his strength as DJ. Currently associated with Prozak 2.

His greatest foreign musical inspiration became Todd Terje. Its pieces of this producer that carry throughout energetic sets, enriched with techno, tech house and deep house.

Filip constantly tries to surprise the audience with the newest and sophisticated sounds that heat the dancefloor red-hot. Oskar Piotrowski - DJ and producer.

The residency in the. In the second half of this year three of his first releases will be available — one solo and two in interesting collaborations.

All kept on the edge of Techno and Deep house. Well-known Mr wobix will shine this time together with MRS wobix - misslongic.

The effect is something, nobody expects, including them. It is a debut for misslongic, wobix has shined more than once on SAF as well as on Mayday and many other events.

Winner of the Vj-battle in the international VJ Torna contest — taking place every year in Rome during the Live Performance Meeting festival — in Since juror of Videozone VJ-battle.

Producers of video samples and master of time and composition synchronization with the sound heard. Creative VJ perfectly finding his way in every music genre.

Currently takes care of visuals of L. Malaga VJ, visual artist, sculptor. In visualizations she uses a collage of images torn out of reality.

Confronting nature with geometry and abstraction, she tries to find emotional balance. Finalist of international VJ contest Videozone Currently associated with Himmeli Studio.

Co-creator of the Hirs crew. In his sets he usually focuses on enchantment, through amazement to enamourment. Currently the DJ on duty of Macrowave.

Konrad Kozera — musician, DJ, producer. His sets, oscillating in the tempo of bpm are dynamic collages of low-tone sounds. In which one can seek out such genres as dub, dubstep, 2-step, grime, dubtechno, techno or even house.

He tries to express his musical experience as his own productions in which as. His repertoire is a mash-up, combining mainly dubstep and DnB.

Constrain to simple back and forward steps. Copy code to clipboard. Add a personal note: Houston, we have a problem! Send the link below via email or IM Copy.

Present to your audience Start remote presentation. Do you really want to delete this prezi? Neither you, nor the coeditors you shared it with will be able to recover it again.

Comments 0 Please log in to add your comment. What can I find on the festival? More presentations by Sara Kominek Discrimination of women.

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Abonnieren Kommentare zum Post Atom. Um einen der Workshops wahrnehmen zu können, ist es sinnvoll, eine halbe Stunde vor Start am vereinbarten Treffpunkt zu sein. Ein guter Methodenmis und differenzierte Warlords: Crystals Of Power - Rizk Casino der Partizipation. Flo schreibt die obligatorische Postkarte nach Hause! Das Festival ist unvergesslich, eine Erfahrung, welche man nie vergisst, ein Privileg, dabei gewesen zu Beste Spielothek in Altenhofen finden. Anita Bussfreie Redakteurin und kreative Denkerin. Daraus entstanden viele wertvolle Begegnungen. Diese Kleidungsstücke gehörten dart champions league lebenden Menschen. Piotr performte 15 eigene Lieder polnisch und englisch. Die beiden müssen mit!

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